What are we walking for?

Worldwide, there have never been as many people on the run from war and conflict as today. In total, a record 68.5 million people are actively on the run. These people urgently need our help, such as clean drinking water, shelter, food, and medical care. And that’s why we participate in the Night of the Refugee together.

On average, 44,500 people flee from danger every day. In other words, a man, woman, or child flees from the 70 conflict zones in the world every other second. Almost two-thirds of the people on the run remain in their own country and are internally displaced.

'1 in 110 people in the world is actively on the run'
The crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the war in South Sudan, and the flight of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar make 2017 the fifth year in a row that the number of refugees has increased worldwide. Of all the refugees under UNHCR’s mandate, two-thirds are from just five countries: Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, and Somalia.

Why participate?
With your participation in the Night of the Refugee, you can help refugees. Ask as many people as you know to sponsor your because the more money you raise, the more emergency aid we can provide together. Ultimately, we aim to raise as much money as possible for refugees and displaced people worldwide.

Emergency shelter
Refugees are often forced to leave everything behind and end up with virtually nothing. In refugee camps around the world, we provide materials so that families can build a roof over their heads. For just 25 euros, we can provide two families with emergency shelter. They'll receive materials such as rope and a tarp, which they can then use to build their own shelter. Every €12.50 extrawill provide an additional family with a roof over their heads.

Medical care after a disaster
When disaster strikes, vulnerable families in disaster and conflict zones must have access to life-saving aid and medical care as quickly as possible. 50 euros will provide quality medical equipment: a folding stretcher that can be used in conflict zones such as Syria and Iraq, protective clothing for medical staff, and antibiotics for the treatment of cholera and typhus in countries such as the Central African Republic.

Emergency nutrition saves children's lives
Malnutrition is a serious problem in many refugee crises. It's one of the main causes of death for children under the age of 5. The Netherlands Refugee Foundation helps to provide acute medical care and emergency nutrition, such as the Plumpy'nut peanut butter. It costs just 6 euros to provide an undernourished child in a refugee camp with emergency nutrition for a week. A bag of high-calorie Plumpy'nut peanut butter contains many healthy nutrients.

Essential for life: clean drinking water
Access to clean water and good sanitation reduces the spread of deadly diseases. Especially in busy places, such as refugee camps in war-torn Syria, it prevents dehydration and stops the spread of diseases. Drinking water is indispensable for survival! For 100 euros, three people on the run from war and violence will have access to clean and safe water for a year.

Contribute to constructing a new classroom
In countries such as Lebanon and South Sudan, war and conflict prevent many children from attending school. Contribute and help boys and girls in war-torn areas get back to school. After all, a return to school also allows for a return to a stable and normal life. For 225 euros, you can help open a new school. Alternatively, you can help contribute to the creation of new classrooms, including a teacher, tables and chairs, chalkboards, and other materials.


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